10 Applications You Need to Work at Home

For those of you who are currently working at home or Work for Home, you don’t need to worry and be confused about being able to coordinate with other coworkers.

The reason is, in this sophisticated era there are several applications that really support your work at home.

Some are what applications are often used and new applications that you need to install on your smartphone or Android.

Then, what applications are needed while working at home? This is the Review!

1. Microsoft Office 365

One of the applications needed to work at home to support office activities is Microsoft Office 365.

The application consists of Microsoft word, excel, power point, online outlook, OneDrive for Business, Share point online, Skype for business, Outlook Online, Microsoft Team, and so on.

Among the many applications mentioned above, the most frequently used and familiar ones are Microsoft word for making papers, manuscripts, etc., excel for finance or calculating formulas related to numbers, power points for presentations, skype to meet advance online.

Usually, employees are familiar with the above applications so it is easy to operate.

2. WhatsApp application

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications in this era. In the early days of its existence, its function was to communicate with anyone which functioned almost the same as SMS.

This application can be downloaded for free via the Playstore application or iOS android. So that anyone can use it.

Over time, many features are available and make it easier for anyone to use WhatsApp.

This feature can be used to send photos, videos, documents, voice notes, phone calls, video calls, create status for selling that can be linked to Facebook, so that you can create groups with people you know or with other people.

Even today, WhatsApp can be accessed via a website so that it can be opened via a laptop which makes it easier for you to communicate.

When you open on the website, make sure the internet network on both smartphones and other networks is stable so that it is easy to open.

The presence of a complete application on WhatsApp helps everyone, including employees who have to work at home.

The drawback of this application is that it has a large enough data volume. Then, incoming files, documents, voice notes, and photos must be downloaded first using wifi or data credit.

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The whatsapp application is also very flexible for data hijacking by other people so it is not safe enough if it contains a lot of important data.

3. Telegram application

The next application needed for working at home is telegram. This application was only released in 2013 which can be downloaded via Playstore or iOS.

Basically this application is similar to WhatsApp, only to create groups, telegram can contain more than 250 people. In addition, it can send up to a capacity of 1.5 GB.

These applications tend to be more stable when opened via a PC or laptop and can still be accessed even if your smartphone is inactive.

Therefore, the Telegram application is also very capable for those of you who work at home. Especially for those of you who often send larger files.

The drawback of this application is that it does not have a video call feature so it is devoted to sending files or images with a large enough capacity.

4. Google App or G Suite application

The next application needed to work at home is an application made by Google or what is commonly known as G Suite.

Like Microsoft office, in the Google App there is a collection of applications made by Google to help you work while at home.

The applications in G Suite include Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Documents, and so on.

This application can be obtained for free and also paid where its function and service will be different.

Of course, the applications on Google are needed by many people, especially employees.

Also popular applications that are commonly used, including Gmail for emailing and sending files, Google Drive for storing large amounts of data, and other Google applications.

5. Zoom application

If you need an application that can communicate via video with a large number of people, then you can use the zoom application.

This zoom application is similar to Google Hangout which can do video conferencing. The zoom has good audio and video quality making it easier for everyone, especially employees, to complete each task.

Besides being able to be installed on a computer or laptop, the zoom application can also be installed via a smartphone, so that when you are unable to use the laptop you can use your smartphone.

In these conditions, the zoom application is very popular and widely used by employees. People who previously did not have the application were “forced” to download the application.

Another advantage that the zoom application offers is that there are features that can send text, photo, audio, and video messages.

Interestingly, there is also a feature to change the background when you use video conferencing so that it looks different and you don’t need to be embarrassed when you are in an unfavorable place.

Even so, this application cannot be obtained for free, because it can conduct teleconferences to more than hundreds of people, each user must pay a minimum of IDR 28 thousand per month.

6. Slack application

The next application needed for working at home is slack. Basically, the application has the same benefits as WhatsApp, it’s just that the features are more diverse and complex.

If WhatsApp is used for the general public, it is different from Slack which was created to meet communication needs for companies or management.

Therefore, besides being able to send messages, Slack also has other features such as seeing the progress of a project that you are running with the team.

Then you can also share files and use other features needed to increase your productivity at work.

Of course, these features are designed so that you can easily work from home without having to meet with clients.

However, be careful using this slack. Better not send a personal message because your boss can see it.

It’s good to use slack to work on and see your progress as you work on the project.

7. DayWise application

The next application needed to work at home is DayWise. This application is perfect for those of you who often forget or cannot regularly carry out office activities from home.

The application can remind you or provide reminders starting from work hours, rest hours, to provide notifications to complete work targets.

Of course, the notification will come out when you have arranged and written the schedule in advance.

The Daywise application can be downloaded via the Playstore application for free.

8. Toggl application

The next application needed to work at home is the toggl application. This app is similar to Daywise in that it can remind you of schedules made for working at home.

If the Daywise application can only be downloaded via an Android smartphone, the Toggl application can be downloaded and installed on a laptop or computer.

The advantage that the toggl application has is that it records the activities that you will be working on. Then, you can set the work schedule to be done, starting from how long you work, how long to set your break time, and so on.

Of course, with this application, you will also be reminded to stop for a moment from work. Do not get too often work so that the family is neglected.

You will not be negligent in your work, because when you switch to playing social media or taking a short break you can arrange and schedule the time.

Therefore, if you want to be even more productive then you can use the Toggl application.

9. Trello application

The next application that you can use while working at home is the trello application.

The trello application is a project management application that has a simple design and is easy to understand.

For those of you who have many projects, you can use the application to see the division of work received in a project.

In this application there are several lists of work and can be marked who will work on the project.

If the work has been completed, the project can be marked as well, so that it is clear which projects have and which have not been done.

Of course, this application is very suitable for use when you work at home and there must be coordination of team division. This application is very effective to use when the teleconference application cannot be used.

However, to be able to enjoy the Trello application as a whole and completely, you must prepare the funds listed in the application so that you can use it as a whole.

With this paid method, there are those who like it some who don’t. They really regret the sale of the application.

Even so, you must understand that the funds that go into the common good and the development of the Trello application.

10. Spark application

The next application that can be used while you are working at home is spark. The application is claimed to be a smart email with good performance which can automatically categorize and collect incoming emails from each account.

In other words, you can open important e-mails first and end advertisement e-mails or those that do not really matter.

The features listed in this application are Smart inbox, Smart notifications, Assign emails, Team email, send emails later, Reminders.

The application is very popular among office people, so the majority of emails that come to them are about work.

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You can also use this method, in order to be able to separate between work and other things that are entertainment.


So, those are the 10 applications you need to work at home. Hopefully by using this application, you will be more productive. Good luck.

Spark also packs a ton of collaboration tools, allowing team members to work on the same email remotely, in real time. The free version of Spark will be more than adequate for individual remote workers as well as for small teams.


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