10 AirTags problems;how to fix them

Since April of this year, you have no excuse to lose your things, since Apple has thought about solving our daily problems , in this way the Airtags came on the market , that just by placing it on your keys or your agenda, you can see its location in the Find app.

Even so, you are not exempt from encountering some stumbling blocks in its use or some complications for its configuration, it is because of them that you are in the correct article, here you will find frequent problems that are commonly occurring when using this phenomenal device, in addition to finding the same mode your solutions.

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  1. Why can’t I set up my new AirTag on my iPhone?
    1. Do you have Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile network activated?
  2. Why does the Find App say ‘Weak signal’ when trying to locate my Apple AirTag?
    1. Is the Find My App enabled?
  3. How can I reset the network settings
  4. How to remove and reinstall or replace the AirTag battery
  5. How to update my iPhone software
    1. Wireless Form Update
  6. Do they work in any country regardless of where you buy your AirTag?
  7. How secure is the privacy of the AirTags?
  8. How to reset my AirTag if it does not work well

Why can’t I set up my new AirTag on my iPhone?

The Airtag will allow you to locate the objects that you cannot find , you just have to configure it correctly, but if you are having problems with said configuration, you must verify the following aspects:

  • You must certify that the device can be configured at the moment.
  • Another feasible option is to remove the battery from the Airtag and replace it.
  • To configure more than one Airtag, you have to ensure that the connection corresponds to only one device.
  • If you continue with this issue, you must reset your Airtag.

Do you have Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile network activated?

Any malfunction in Airtag or slowness may be due to the connection with your device not working well. For this you could try turning on or off the bluetooh, wifi or network of your mobile device, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings section of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. the next thing is to go to the sections of bluetooh, wifi and mobile network.
  3. You must turn off the switches for these three options and reboot the device.
  4. Having rebooted the devices, redirect to Settings and turn the previously off switches.

Why does the Find App say ‘Weak signal’ when trying to locate my Apple AirTag?

The AirTag function is first hand which makes it easy to locate apps and websites, use information from mobile networks, gps, bluetooh and wifi to determine your approximate location.

The reason sometimes the settings do not match or work quite well is because maps, directions, and location-based applications are highly dependent on data services. These data services are constantly changing or may not be available in some areas or may not be complete.

Is the Find My App enabled?

This is a complete application that has the functionality of finding all your Apple devices , but also everything that is linked to your Airtags, for this reason you must make sure that the switch is enabled in the configuration section, there you can turn it on or off as required. You get to Settings , enter “your name” , then in the option ” Find my” select ¨ Find my iPhone ”  and activate that option.

How can I reset the network settings

As we have already mentioned, Airtag requires the proper functioning of bluetooh, wifi and mobile data so that this in turn works to the thousand, now if these functions are having problems because there will be difficulty in finding the article and these connection failures will cause the app it doesn’t work as expected. We can try re-establishing the network settings.

Go back to “Settings” and then select “General” , as indicated in the image, select “Reset “, now select “Reset network settings”,  you must enter your device password and press ” Reset network settings. net”. This would be the solution to any problem that your Airtag has regarding the network or that it does not connect successfully to the device.

How to remove and reinstall or replace the AirTag battery

The type of battery that powers our AirTag is type CR2032 , Apple indicates that these batteries have a durability of approximately one year and your iPhone will take the trouble to notify you when it is necessary to replace it. If your Airtag is not working as expected, this could be a feasible cause of the problem that you have been presenting and the immediate remedy to achieve its optimization would be to remove and replace said battery.

This does not have any complication, since the battery could be defective , we just have to press down the back cover, turn it gently and we can access the battery compartment, extract it and replace it. As simple as that!

How to update my iPhone software

The software updates are measures we have to take into account the time of failure or malfunction in our device. Apple has been given the task of continuously implementing updates, making improvements and correcting errors present in some previous software, this will help you with some problems with the connectivity of your AirTag. Next, we will tell you the steps to follow:

Wireless Form Update

  1. Updating your device is simple, it will tell you when an update is available for your operating system. You just have to accept and install.
  2. Now, you can also connect it to a local Wi-Fi network.
  3. Go to the “Settings” section, select “General” and click “Software Update”.
  4. Press download and install.

Do they work in any country regardless of where you buy your AirTag?

Apple’s precision search function works with the power of the U1 chip in both devices, iPhone and AirTags, this means that it uses ultra-wide band which is not available in all countries , since this technology is subject to international regulatory requirements and it only works on iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

How secure is the privacy of the AirTags?

Despite being a tool that is too useful for our daily lives, its characteristics have also become a security problem for Apple since attacks by unwanted people have been reported multiple times, due to the ease provided by a tracker so small and light that it easily It could be placed on an object belonging to a third person and thus be watched.

However, the famous company has prepared some measures to prevent harassment , among them an alarm that is activated on the mobile device when it detects another foreign Airtag or an alarm that is activated periodically, although these measures do not meet the prevention expectations that are they request.

Therefore, Apple has been in charge of the last weeks to adjust the preventive measures a little more making the tracking more difficult which will be available in the latest updates, making an alarm when the AirTag is away from the owner, said alarm will now be in a period between 8 to 24 hours; They are also working on a new compatible application for Android, so that they can also track other devices that are compatible with Apple’s network.

 How to reset my AirTag if it does not work well

If you have common failures in your Airtag such as weak signal, connectivity problems or simply the location of our objects does not match clearly, the reset or reset may get you out of this trouble. Follow the following steps in detail:

  1. You must remove your Airtag from the Find My application. To do this, open the application and go to the “items” section.
  2. You must designate the Airtag that you want to reset.
  3. Then you must slide and select the “delete item” option.
  4. It will ask you to confirm if you want to delete the item again.
  5. Then you reconnect it to your Iphone or ipad, bringing the AirTag closer to your device and pressing the “connect” button that will appear on the screen.
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