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15 Yoga Rules And Regulations You Must Follow

The yoga is good and is suitable for everyone. It is not just a matter of physical training but also of spiritual practice. It is important to follow some yoga rules and regulations for To enjoy exercises and meditations in the best way, and to ensure that this practice accompanies us in everyday life, Practicing yoga does not mean simply breathing deeply, doing the exercises and steps that the teacher tells us. Yoga should become a real lifestyle that can change our life day by day.

15 Yoga Rules And Regulations You Must Follow

Yoga is a discipline that unites mind and body.Yoga has become a lifestyle in today’s world.How to exercise on yourself the amazing power of yoga by following these principles to improve your body and mind.Do you like yoga ? So keep these rules in mind to improve your relationship with this discipline. it is important to follow some rules.

  • 1) Leave your phone at home every time you go to yoga or at least keep it off
  • 2) When the yoga teacher starts his class, listen to everything he has to say and concentrate
  • 3) Going to India does not make you an enlightened one. Only practice is able to do it
  • 4) Never skip the savasana position (position of the corpse) is very important to relax and keep the mind focused.
  • 5) Exercising asanas on a more or less expensive mat does not make you a worse or better person. We must not judge people who practice (nor anyone else based on what they have)
  • 6) It is not necessary to be vegetarian or vegan to practice yoga. The benefits are for everyone
  • 7) Publishing your photos on social networks is not bad in itself. But be careful that this does not become the main reason for your practice!
  • 8) Yoga should be practiced every day, not just when you are in class
  • 9) Do not forget to meditate every day, it takes 5 minutes but that time is very precious.
  • 10) Punctuality is a form of respect towards your teacher and your fellow practitioners. Arriving late is not part of the philosophy of yoga.
  • 11) Your yoga teacher can also make mistakes: it’s human!
  • 12) Do not criticize the other forms of yoga, those that you do not practice. These are just different ways of achieving the same result.
  • 13) Do not put your mat immediately behind or worse in front of another person. Besides being rude, it is not functional to the lesson.
  • 14) When you’re uncomfortable, breathe and remember that everything is temporary
  • 15) Yoga is not only a question of a flexible body but also and above all a flexible mind. Do not forget!

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