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What Are Four Types of Caecum In Appendix

What Are Four Types of Caecum In Appendix

Four Types of Caecum are being discussed in this article.In the adult the coaxum developed as one of four types, and in each class the appendix holds a different position.

What Are Four Types of Caecum In Appendix

1. In the foetal type the appendix is the narrow inferior end of the conoid accum, the apex of the cone being directly continued into the appendix.
1. A second type consists of a caecum with two equally large sacculi at its inferior termination. The appendix arises from the lower end of the cecum, between the sacculi, which are separated by the anterior longitudinal band.
3. In the third class the external sacculus is large, while
and internal one is small, thus bringing the base of the appendix near the ileo cecal valve. In addition, the anterior wall of the cjccum grows more rapidly than the posterior, so that the root of the appendix is posterior. ‘
4. In the fourth and last class the internal sacculus has disappeared entirely, and the base of the appendix is attached to the caecum posterior to the receding angle between the ileum and cocum.

The Ultimate Functions of Caecum And Types of Caecum

The first type of the caecum is very rare; the second is not commonly seen; and the circum k usually of the third type, or partakes of the character of the third and fourth classes. Wool-scy says that type one is found in only a per cent, of cases; type two in 3 per ccnt.; type three in 90 per cent., and type four in 4 or S per cent. According to Bryant’s statistics, in more than one-half of all cases the appendix arises from the posterior surface of the caecum about one inch below and to the right side of thel valve; and in nearly all cases the root of the appendix is upon the postero-internal portion of the caecum, from three-fourths of an inch to one and a half inches from the ileo-orcal valve.

Innumerable observations in the dissecting room ami at the operating table, moreover, have proved to the author that the cocal attachment of the appendix is almost always upon the postero internal portion of the carcum. There are. however, rare instances in which the appendix arises from the anterior surface of the caecum.In cases of non-descent of the carcum the appendix holds a correspondingly abnormal position, and under such circumstances it may lie even to the left of the median line.

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