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List of 100 Scientific Terms Derived from Greek

List of 100 Scientific Terms Derived from Greek

Here is List of 100 Scientific Terms Derived from Greek in English.We all know the roots of science is mainly related  to Greek language.

Scientific Terms Derived from Greek Prefixes

a. an = un-. -less. lack, not (anaerobic)

ana up, again (anabolism)

anti = against, opposite (antibody)

apo – away from, dctachcd (apophysis)

di. dia = through, across, between, apart (diaphragm)

di. dis = two. twice (divalent)

ek, ekto – out, outside of (cctodcrm)

en, end. endo = in. inside, within, inner (endocytosis)

ep. epi = upon, beside, among, above, anterior (epicardium)

eso *= inside, inward (esophagus)

ex. exo = outside, out of (exocytosis)

hyp, hypo beneath, below, less than normal, deficient (hypoxia) hyper = beyond, above, over, excessive, above normal (hypertrophy) kata = down (catabolism)

met, mcta * behind, between, after, subsequent—hence change (me* tabolism)

par. para = near, besides, adjacent, beyond, closely resembling, indirectly related (parathyroid) peri around (perinuclear) pro = front, toward, prior (prohormone) sym. syn = with, together (symbiosis)

Scientific Terms Derived from Greek Roots

aden = gland (adenohypothysis) aer = air (aerosol)

aitiologia – investigating causes (etiology)

akros = extreme (acromegaly)

aleipha = akin to lipos. fat (aliphatic)

algcdon = pain (analgesic)

algesis sense of pain (see above)

alios = other (allograph)

amphi = on both sides (amphibious)

anaisthcsia insensibility (anesthesia)

anastomosis  opening (same)

aneurysma = a widening (aneurism)

anthropos = human being (anthropology)

artena = artery (arteriogram)

asthenos weak (myasthenia)

atmos = vapor (atmosphere)

axon = axis (same)

ballcin « to throw (anabolism)

baros = weight (barometer)

bios = life (biosphere)

biosis  living (aerobiosis)

blastos = germ (blasiula)

bradys = slow (bradycardia)

bronchos = windpipe (bronchitis)

chole bile, gall (cholesterol)

chroma = color (chromatography)

chondrion = small granule (mitochondrion)

chrondros = cartilage (chondrocyte)

chronos = time (chronotropy)

demos = populace, country (epidemiology)

dendrites = pertaining to a tree (same)

derma = hide, skin (dermatology)

desma = bond (desmosome)

diastole = dilation (diastoly)

diourein = to urinate (diuresis)

doxa = expectation (paradoxic)

dys = bad (dystrophy)

ektopos = out of place (ectopic)

ekzein = to boil over (eczema)

electron = amber (same)

emphysein = to inflate (emphysema)

epidemion = sojourning among the people (epidemiology)

ergon = work (erg)

erythros = red (erythrocyte)

eus = good (euthanasia)

ganglion = knot (same)

gaster = stomach (gastroscopy)

ge = earth (geology)

genes = born (genealogy)

genos = race, kind (genotype)

gigas = giant (gigantism)

glaucos = gleaming, grey (glaucoma)

glia = glue (neuroglia)

glykys = sweet (glycogen)

gone = seed (gonad)

graphein = to write (geography)

haima = blood (hematology)

hemi = half (hemidiaphragm)

hydor = water (hydrophobic)

ischein = to check, suppress (ischemia)

ismos = state of (aneurism)

isos = equal (isomerism)

karkinos = crab (carcinoma)

karyon = nucleus (eukaryote)

katabole = a casting down (catabolism)

katalysis = dissolution (catalysis)

khilioi = thousand (kilogram)

kinesis = movement (cytokinesis)

klimax = ladder (climax)

kranion = skull (cranium)

krinein = to separate, to secrete (endocrine)

kyanos = dark blue (cyanosis)

kybernes = helmsman (cybernetics)

kyklos = circle (cycle)

kystis = bladder (cyst)

kytos = cell (cytology)

lemma = a rind (plasmolemma)

leukos = white (leucocyte)

logos = word, treatise (physiology)

lysis = dissolution (hydrolysis)

macro = large (macrophage)

megas = large (megakaryon)

meros = part (meromyosin)

mesos = middle (mesothorax)

meta = change, after (metacarpal)

metabole = change (metabolism)

metron = measure (meter)

micro = small (microscope)

mimesis = imitation (sympathomimetic)

mitos = thread (mitosis)

monos = single (mononucleated)

morphe = form (morphology)

morphosis = bringing into shape (see above)

mykes = mushroom (erythromycin)

myos = muscle (myoglobin)

nephros = kidney (nephrology)

neuron = sinew (same)

oidema = swelling (edema)

oon = egg (oocyte)

ops = sight (biopsy)

osmos = thrust (osmosis)

osteon = bone (osteoblast)

oxia = referring to oxygen (hypoxia)

palaios = old (paleology)

pathos = disease (pathology)

phagein = to eat (phagocyte)

pharmacon = drug (pharmacology)

phasis = appearance (phase)

pherein = to bear (pheromone)

philein = to love (hydrophilic)

philia = fondness, craving for (necrophilia)

phobos = fear (hydrophobic)

phorein = to carry (electrophoresis)

phos = light (phosphorescence)

physis = nature (physics)

phylaxis = a guarding (prophylactic)

phyllon = leaf (phyllotaxy)

phylon = race, tribe, class (phylogenetic)

physicos = natural (physical)

physiologos = pertaining to natural sciences (physiology

phyton = plant (phytohormone)

pinein = to drink (pinocytosis)

plasia = molding (neoplastic)

plasma = a thing formed (same)

plastos = formed (plasticity)

plege = blow, strike (quadriplegia)

pleion = more (pleomorphic)

pnaia = breath (pneumatic)

thele = nipple (epithelium)

therapeia = healing (therapy)

thermos = hot (thermometer)

thrombos = clod, curd (thrombosis)

thymos = temper (thymus)

thyreos = shield (thyroid)

tomos = sharp, slice (anatomy)

topos = place (topology) toxa = arrow

(toxic) trope = transformation

(entropy) trophe = nourishment

(eutrophic) zoion = animal

(zoology) zygotos = yolked

(zygote) zyme = leaven (enzyme)

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