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Who Is Joseph Conard;5 Facts You Must Know About Him

Joseph conard (1857-1924), was novelist writing in English, He was born in Poland under Russian rule. He was only child of Apollo Nalecz Korzcniowski and  was christened Josef Teodor Konrad Nalecz Korzcniowski. His parents were of the landowner class; his father had literary interests, and was involved in the secret national Polish movement. In 1862 his father was arrested and exiled to  Russia, his wife and child being allowed to go with him under the same conditions of banishment.

Who Is Joseph Conard;5 Facts You Must Know About Him

More of this phase of Joseph conard’s life is told in  the story of The Arrow of Gold, 1919. Conard’s first  ship was the Mavis, which he joined at Marseilles in April 1878, and it was aboard that s vessel that he arrived at Lowestoft.  Two months e later and saw England for the first time. After some coastal trips in another ship, he joined, as ordinary seaman, a ‘wool-clipper’ sailing to r Australia; returning to London on a steamship s in 1880 he passed examination as 3rd mate in i June of that year. From then on he served as a officer on spaceships, voyaging to many parts of s the world, particularly across the Indian Ocean, and in and around the Malay Archipelago and the gulf of Siam.

Because many of Joseph  conard.’s stories have a setting of the sea and ships, based very often on his own experiences, he has frequently been regarded as a sea-story writer only; but even those most concerned with ships and seamen are grounded in C.’s deep insight into human character and the relation of man’s innate waywardness and weakness to the simple virtues of fidelity and courage. In stories like Lord Jim Youth, The Secret Agent and Victory, indeed in almost a!! C.’s writings, the reader is brought face to face with man alone against the forces of nature or fate, against evil fellow beings, or against a flaw in his own being. The uniqueness of C. in Eng. fiction owes much to an outlook and temperament peculiar to his origins, and his glowing convincing writing style to the fact that english was not his native language.

Great Written Work By Joseph Conard

The Secret Agent, 1907, a sombre, all comprehending story of conspiracy, and Under Western Eyes, 1911, mainly enacted in Geneva, which utilises his first-hand knowledge of exile and espionage. His last 2 novels, The Rover, 1922, and Suspense (unfinished and pub. posthu-mously), 1925, are of the Napoleonic period. C. lived most of his writing life in Kent, his last house being Oswalds, in the vil. of Bishops-bourne, where he d. on 3 Aug. 1924. See F. M. Ford, Joseph Conrad, a Personal Remembrance, 1924; Life and Letters of Joseph Conrad (ed. G. Jean Aubrey), 1927; Letters from Conrad, 1895-1924 (ed. E. Garnett). 1928; M. C. Brad-brook, Joseph Conrad, England’s Polish Genius, 1941; G. Jean-Aubry, The Sea Dreamer, 1957; A. J. Guerard, Conrad the Novelist, 1958; J. Baines, Joseph Conrad, 1959.

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