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Linguistics study notes and subject will be discuss in this category.

Linguistics study notes and subject. Here will be updating this section with more information on Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, and Language Pedagogy, discourse analysis, phonetics and phonology in the future.

What is linguistic? We can use it as a term for nothing less than the study of language. So, how do we define human language? And how can we study it? That leads to a number of questions both ancient and modern, from the time of Panini’s Sanskrit grammar to modern computational linguistic.What if we ask instead how language is relevant to everyday life (applied linguistics)?

Language is learned and taught (language acquisition), processed by computers (computational linguistics), relies on human biology (evolutionary linguistics), is intertwined with the role of the brain and its functions (neurolinguistics & psycholinguistics) and has many other applications.

Linguistics and literature

Linguistics and literature:

The nature of language is of vital concern to the students of literature, because language is the medium in which literature is written. A creative writer is never wholly free from linguistic and cultural considerations or limitations howsoever unconscious of these he may he literally. He has to choose his structures and sounds according to the kind of aesthetic effect ... Read More »

Linguistics and Psychology.

study psycolingustics

Linguistics studies human language. Language is behavior or a cognitive process or both, is still a controversial issue yet it is well accepted that psychology is the study of human behavior and human mind. Hence both linguistics and psychology are closely related. Linguistics and Psychology Investigations and attempts to find out answers to certain fundamental questions like the following are ... Read More »

Linguistics and Philosophy

philosphy of lingustics

Association between philosophy and language and linguistics has indeed been historically very long. In fact, it was the philosophers who first of all speculated on language. Plato’s Dialogues have explicit reference to language. In the field of semantics, philosophy has contributed tremendous insight to the linguists. The structural linguists ignored meaning because they thought it to be a subject of ... Read More »

Linguistics and Anthropology: Facts You Must Know

Linguistics and Anthropology: Facts You Must Know

  Linguistics And Anthropology is very interesting topic.Broadly speaking, Anthropology is the study of mankind and of culture. Its main subdivisions are physical anthropology and cultural anthropology. Linguistics is a branch of cultural anthropology. The chief contribution of cultural anthropology, as a whole, to the study of language has been the broadening of linguists’ outlooks so that their horizons include, ... Read More »

Facts You Must Know About Linguistics As A Science

lingiustics a science

Linguistics As A Science and scientific study of language. Because all other sciences linguistics has a well-defined subject matter. it employs careful methods to observe, record and analyses the various phenomena related to its subject matter and hopes to produce unprejudiced, objective and verifiable descriptions. The approach and methodology of linguistics is scientific. It is as, inductive as a science ... Read More »