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Facts You Must Know The Tragedy OF Hamlet

Facts You Must Know The Tragedy OF Hamlet

Shakespeare’s First Major Tragedy Shakespeare wrote Hamlet in 1600 or 1601, when he was 36 years old. The Tragedy of Hamlet was his first major tragedy, although Julius Caesar may have been written slightly earlier. A Previous Play of the Same Name As a working member of a commercial enterprise, Shakespeare did not hesitate to use in his plays ‘whatever ... Read More »

William Shakespeare’s Greatness As Playwright

William Shakespeare’s Greatness as playwright

Two theories have been offered to explain about William Shakespeare’s greatness As Playwright. First  “All came from within” and that we owe his plays to the overmastering power of his genius alone. Second: Practical and unimaginative men, however, assert that in Shakespeare’s “All came from without”. He lived in a play-loving age, he studied the crowds, gave them what they wanted and simply ... Read More »

Five Facts About Elizabethan Theater

Five Facts About Elizabethan Theater

The Elizabethan theater were primitive concerns, large wooden sheds, partly cover of roof with material and rushes, a flagpole on the roof, and enclosed by a long, narrow ditch. They gave rise to a good deal of vexation to quiet citizens in the neighborhood. Around these play-houses in the afternoons, the narrow winding streets were so crowded by noisy, frivolous groups of people ... Read More »

A Brief History of English Plays Before Shakespeare

A Brief History of EnglishPlays Before Shakespeare

  Miracle or Mystery Plays The history of English Plays before Shakespeare drama dates from the eleventh century. The earliest dramatic representation in England is believed to have been the performance of a Latin play in honor of St. Katharine, at Duns table in 1110) By the time of the Roman conquest (1066),  from of religious drama, originating from the ... Read More »

Facts About Biography of William Shakespeare

Facts About Biography of William shakespeare

No Reliable Biography Available No truly reliable or authentic Biography of William Shakespeare can be written because very little about the man has come down to us from genuine sources. The available facts about his life are based chiefly on guess-work and conjecture. Parentage William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 in the county of Warwickshire. His father John Shakespeare ... Read More »