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What Is The Theme of Abbess of Crewe,By Muriel Spark’s

What Is The Theme of Abbess of Crewe,By Muriel Spark’s

Abbess of Crewe is the book which was written by Muriel Spark’s.This book consists of satirical fantasy of politics.The (1974) Muriel Spark’s fourteenth novel is a characteristically elegant and economical satire on politics, and, in particular, surveillance, inspired largely by the Watergate affair. In the Benedictine Abbey at Crewe, the sinister and manipulative Sister Alexandra has recently triumphed in the elections for Abbess, aided by a secret inner circle of loyal nuns, and by her extensive and closely monitored network of listening and viewing devices. Her supremacy is threatened, however, by her defeated rival, Sister Felicity, who has fled the Abbey following the bungled robbery of her silver thimble by representatives from a nearby Jesuit Order, and who is now engaged in unmasking Alexandra’s misdemeanors to the press and television.

The Abbess’s struggle for control of the Order, in the course of which she continually asserts that she and her cohorts are operating in the realm of mythology, and are therefore not subject to everyday laws, echoes Spark’s perennial interest in the nature of charisma, the conflict between personal will and the larger forces of history, and the battle between good and evil, particularly within a religious setting.

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